Top 9 Lynx Grill Burner – Grill Burners

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1. Bbqzone


Bbqzone 2-Pack Cast Iron Burner Replacement for Select DCS and Lynx Gas Grill Models

Bbqzone #ad - Fits lynx : l42psfr-1-2007, l42psfr-2005, l42r-2003, l54-2003, l42psr-2005, l42r-2005, l5430-2004, l42r-2004, l5430-2002, l42psfr-2004, l42psfr-1-2008, l42r-2002, l54-2007, l54psfr-1-2006, l54fr-2004, l54-2004, l42psr-1-2006, l42psr-1-2008, l5430r2b-2005, l42r-1-2006, l42psr-2004, l42psr-1-2007, l5430fr2b-2005, l5430-2003, l42r-1-2008, l54-2008, l42psfr-1-2010, l42r-1-2007, l42r-1-2010, l54-2002, l42psr-1-2010, l54-2006, l54psfr-1-2007.

Fits lynx : l36psr-1-ng, lpsgebkt, cs30, l30-2007, l5430, ldr36, l30-2004, l54, l30-2005, l30fr-1-2007, l30-2008, lij30, l30-2003, lspge, l30fr-2004, lbq48, l42, l30fr-1-2006, ldr21, lij54, lcb2, lcb1, lsb2, l54ps, lij27, l30psp, l30-2002, lij36, l30apsfr-2005, lpsgekit, lpsge, l30f-2004, ldr54, l30, ldr42, lsb1, ldr18, ldr27, lij42, lsb2pc, l30f-2002, l30fr-2005, l30f-2005, l30apsr-2005, l30-2006, l30fr-2003, l30f-2003, l30fr-2002, lbq36, l36, lbq27, l27, ldr30, l30fr-1-2008, l30psfR-1-2006.

Cast iron burner replacement for lynx and DCS 27, 27 series, 27A-BQRSS Gas Models. Fits lynx : l30psfr-1-2007, l30psp-1-2006, l30r-1-2006, l30psr-1-2007, l42-2004, l30r-1-2010, l30psfr-1-2008, l30psfr-2004, l42fr-2002, l42-2007, l42-2003, l30psr-1-2006, l30r-1-2007, l42-2006, l30r-2002, l30psr-1-2010, l42fr-2003, l30psr-1-2008, l42-2002, l42fr-2005, l42fr-1-2007, l42fr-2004, l30r-2003, l30psfr-1-2010, l30r-1-2008, l30spr-2005, l42fr-1-2008, l30psr-2004, l30psfr-2005, l42-2008, l30r-2004, l42fr-1-2006, l42psfr-1-2006. Package includes 2-pack cast Iron burner, Dimensions: 16" x 6 1/4".
BrandBbqzone #ad
ManufacturerBbqzone #ad

2. Wondjiont


Wondjiont 2pack Cast Iron Grill Burners, 27 Series and Lynx Gas Grill Models 16" x 6 1/4, Replacement for Select DCS 27

Wondjiont #ad - Fits lynx : l54psfr-1-2008, dcs27-bqrs, dcs27-bq, fg27d-bqrcl, 27bq, 27abqr, 27fs-bqfn, bg27bql, l54r-2004, l54psr-1-2007, l54sbfr-2004, l54sbfr-2003, dcs27-bqr, dcs27a-bqr, dcs27-bqs, dcs27d-bqrs, pc-2600n, l54psr-2005, l54psr-1-2006, pc-2600l, 27 series, dcs27a-bq, fits dcs : 27, l54psfR-2005, l54sbfr-2002, l54psr-1-2008, 27a-bqrss, l54psr-1-2010, bqa27bqrl, l54psfr-1-2010, l54sbr-2003, 27a-bqssn, l54sbr-2002, 27abq, 27brq, pc-2600, l54sbr-2004, pc-26001, .

Fits lynx : l42psfr-1-2007, l54fr-2004, l5430-2003, l42r-2002, l42psr-1-2006, l54-2007, l54-2002, l42psr-2005, l5430-2004, l42psr-2004, l42psr-1-2007, l54-2004, l42psr-1-2010, l42r-2003, l54-2006, l42r-1-2008, l42r-2005, l42r-1-2006, l42psfr-2004, l5430r2b-2005, l54-2008, l42psfr-1-2008, l54-2003, l5430fr2b-2005, l42r-1-2010, l42psfr-1-2010, l42psfr-2005, l42r-2004, l42r-1-2007, l54psfr-1-2006, l5430-2002, l42psr-1-2008, l54psfr-1-2007. Fits lynx : l30psfr-1-2007, l30r-1-2007, l30psr-2004, l30psr-1-2010, l42-2008, l30psfr-2005, l42fr-2003, l42fr-2005, l42fr-1-2008, l30psfr-1-2010, l30psp-1-2006, l30psr-1-2008, l30spr-2005, l42fr-1-2007, l42fr-1-2006, l42fr-2002, l30psr-1-2006, l42-2006, l30r-1-2008, l30psfr-1-2008, l30r-1-2010, l30r-2003, l30r-2004, l30psr-1-2007, l42-2002, l42-2007, l30r-1-2006, l42fr-2004, l30psfr-2004, l30r-2002, l42-2003, l42-2004, l42psfr-1-2006.

Dimensions: 16" x 6 1/4", marterial: Cast Iron, Pack of 2. Fits lynx : cs30, lcb1, l42, lbq36, lbq27, l30f-2003, l30-2008, l30fr-1-2006, lbq48, ldr30, lcb2, lij54, l30fr-2004, lij30, lij36, l54ps, l30psp, l30fr-2002, l30-2007, lsb1, l30-2002, l36, l27, lij42, l30fr-2005, l30apsr-2005, l30-2003, ldr42, l30, l30fr-1-2007, lpsgekit, ldr21, l30fr-2003, ldr36, l30-2005, l54, l30fr-1-2008, ldr27, ldr54, lij27, l30apsfr-2005, lsb2, lpsge, l30-2004, l30-2006, l30f-2004, l30f-2005, lpsgebkt, lsb2pc, ldr18, l5430, lspge, l30f-2002, l30psfr-1-2006.
BrandWondjiont #ad
ManufacturerCookingstar #ad

3. Music City Metals


Music City Metals 22701 Cast Iron Burner Replacement for Select DCS and Lynx Gas Grill Models

Music City Metals #ad - 16 x 6. 25 inch cast iron ring burner. Listing is for 1 burner. Fits dcs ldr21, lij36, lpsge, ldr42, lpsgekit, lsb2, ldr54, ldr27, lij42, lpsgebkt, lsb1, ldr30, lij27, lsb2pc, lij54, lij30, ldr36, lspGE. Fits dcs 27, l42, 27abqr, l27, l36, lcb1, l30psp, 27abq, 27brq; lynx cs30, l54, l30, lbq36, 27bq, l5430, lBQ27, 27 series, lbq48, lcb2, l54ps, LDR18.
BrandMusic City Metals #ad
ManufacturerMusic City Metals #ad
Height3.38 Inches
Length16 Inches
Weight10 Pounds
Width6.25 Inches
Part Number22701

4. RCK Sales


RCK Gas Grill Solid Cast Brass Gas Burner Fits Lynx 27" 30" 36" 42" 48" Grills L11012 -A

RCK Sales #ad - Periodically clearing the holes and brushing off the burners will have them last for many years. Measures 17" overall length by 6 5/8" wide. This is an original cast brass lynx manufactured burner part for grill series : 0, M, 1, E, G, L, H, J, F, K, Q Maintaining these burners is essential to their longevity. The burner without the neck is 15" long. Rck lynx gas grill solid cast brass burner 27" 30" 36" 42" 48" Grills L11012-A. Replacement cast Brass Burner for Lynx Commerical gas grills. Air schutter 2 1/4" long.
BrandRCK Sales #ad
ManufacturerRCK Sales #ad

5. Grill Parts Zone


27 series, 27A-BQRSS Gas Models, 2 Pack Cast Iron Burner Replacement for Lynx and DCS 27

Grill Parts Zone #ad - Fits lynx : l54psfr-1-2008, l54sbfr-2002, dcs27a-bqr, l54sbr-2004, 27a-bqrss, l54psr-2005, l54psr-1-2007, dcs27-bq, fg27d-bqrcl, dcs27-bqrs, fits dcs : 27, 27abqr, 27brq, pc-26001, l54sbr-2002, l54psfr-1-2010, 27bq, l54psr-1-2010, dcs27-bqs, bqa27bqrl, l54sbfr-2003, l54sbfr-2004, pc-2600, pc-2600n, dcs27a-bq, l54psr-1-2006, dcs27-bqr, l54psfr-2005, 27fs-bqfn, 27abq, l54sbr-2003, dcs27d-bqrs, 27 series, pc-2600l, 27a-bqssn, l54r-2004, bg27bql, l54psr-1-2008, .

Fits lynx : l30psfr-1-2007, l42fr-2002, l30psr-1-2008, l30psr-2004, l42fr-1-2006, l42fr-1-2008, l42fr-2004, l42-2008, l30psfr-2004, l30r-1-2007, l30psr-1-2010, l30spr-2005, l30r-1-2006, l42fr-2005, l30psfr-2005, l30psr-1-2006, l30r-2003, l42fr-2003, l42fr-1-2007, l30r-1-2010, l30psfr-1-2010, l30r-2004, l42-2003, l42-2004, l42-2006, l30r-2002, l42-2007, l30psr-1-2007, l30psfr-1-2008, l42-2002, l30psp-1-2006, l30r-1-2008, l42psfr-1-2006. Dimensions : 16" x 6-1/4", 16" x 6. 25", material : Cast Iron. Fits lynx : l42psfr-1-2007, l5430fr2b-2005, l42r-1-2007, l42r-2003, l42r-1-2010, l42psfr-1-2008, l54fr-2004, l42r-1-2008, l5430r2b-2005, l5430-2003, l42r-1-2006, l42psr-1-2010, l42psr-1-2006, l42r-2002, l42psfr-2004, l42r-2005, l42r-2004, l54-2007, l42psr-1-2007, l54psfr-1-2006, l5430-2002, l54-2006, l42psfr-1-2010, l54-2008, l42psfr-2005, l42psr-2004, l42psr-1-2008, l54-2004, l54-2003, l5430-2004, l42psr-2005, l54-2002, l54psfr-1-2007.

Fits lynx : l36psr-1-ng, ldr54, ldr27, lsb2pc, l30fr-2002, ldr30, lcb1, l30, l42, l36, lij27, l30f-2003, lpsge, l30fr-2004, l30apsfr-2005, l30apsr-2005, lij36, lbq36, lspge, lij30, lsb1, l30-2002, l30-2008, l30-2006, lbq48, l30psp, l30f-2005, l30-2005, l54, l30fr-1-2008, l30-2003, l30fr-2003, ldr36, ldr42, lpsgebkt, l30fr-1-2007, lsb2, l30f-2002, l30fr-2005, l27, lpsgekit, cs30, l30f-2004, l5430, lij42, lcb2, l30-2004, l54ps, lbq27, ldr21, l30-2007, l30fr-1-2006, lij54, ldr18, l30psfR-1-2006.
BrandGrill Parts Zone #ad
Part Number27A-BQRSS

6. Kitchen Basics 101


Kitchen Basics 101 33750 Sedona by Lynx Stainless Steel U Burner Replacement for Sedona Grills

Kitchen Basics 101 #ad - Fits sedona models : l400ps, l400psr, l500ps, l600ps, l700ps, l500psr, l600psr, L700PS. Part 33750 Model years 2012 - 2017. 304 stainless steel ā€œUā€ tube burner. For series A-B.
BrandKitchen Basics 101 #ad
Manufacturer33750 #ad
Height1.25 Inches
Length16.58 Inches
Weight2.29 Pounds
Width7 Inches

7. Napoleon


Stainless Steel, sq. in + Infrared Side and Rear Burner, Napoleon P500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige 500 RSIB Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon #ad - Forget the matches, a quick start up you can count on every time with the flame throwing JETFIRE ignition system on each main burner. 4 stainless steel main burners that produce 48, 000 BTU-per-hour input along with Stainless Steel sear plates that provide even heat with their layered positioning and intense flavor for creating Unforgettable meals.

Never worry about your grill not lighting Ever again You will be up and grilling The first time every time. Enjoy rotisserie cooked food with the 18, 000 btu infrared rear burner and the Napoleon heavy duty rotisserie kit included with purchase. As an added back up feature the Napoleon prestige 500 offers a back channel between burners to allow them to light off each other. Invite all your friends and family over with 500 square inches of main cooking space, enough to cook 31 burgers at once! Take advantage of the extra 260 Square inches of cooking space offered by the warming rack and 140 square inches on your side burner.

Cook a steak house quality steak every time with the infrared sizzle Zone side burner that heats up to 1800 degrees in 30 seconds. Why not get a bit creative with the Napoleon rotisserie basket perfect for rotisserie vegetables, fried or Chick wings accessory sold separately.
BrandNapoleon #ad
ManufacturerNapoleon Grills #ad
Height50.25 Inches
Length26.5 Inches
Weight196.65 Pounds
Width66.25 Inches
Part NumberP500RSIBPSS-3
WarrantyPresidents Limited Lifetime Warranty

8. Lion Premium Grills


Lion Premium Grills L75623 32" Natural Gas Grill

Lion Premium Grills #ad - Overall thorn remover length: 2 inches, overall handle length: 4 and 1/2 inches. Inches of cooking surface. Double layer seamless welded stainless steel smoker head with polished edges. 830 sq. Premium solid stainless steel cooking grates. Dimensions: top view - 31" w x 24 1/4" d | front view - 32" W x 21 1/2" H. Natural Gas powered grill. 75, 000 total btus.
BrandLion Premium Grills #ad
ManufacturerLION PREMIUM GRILL #ad
Height21.5 Inches
Length24.25 Inches
Weight170 Pounds
Width32 Inches
Part Number75623
WarrantyLion offers a lifetime warranty on all cast stainless burners, stainless steel framing and housing, and stainless steel cooking grids. Lion also offers a 3 year warranty on stainless steel flame tamers, and a 1 year warranty on all gas valves and other parts and components.

Refer to manufacturers manual for full warranty details.

9. Hongso


Hongso CRCB48 Ceramic Briquettes Replacement for Lynx L27 Gas Grill, 48-Piece per Box

Hongso #ad - Warm quickly and hold heat well; reusable, Last for years, Self cleaning- commercial grade. Listing is for a set of 48 briquettes. Hongso crcb48 ceramic Briquettes Replacement for Lynx Gas Grill. Fits lynx gas grill models cs30, ldr42, ldr36, lbq36, lpsge, lpsgebkt, lij42, lij36, lcb1, l36, l5430, l30psp, lsb2pc, l42, lbq27, ldr30, lij27, l54, ldr54, lbq48, lsb2, l54ps, ldr21, lpsgekit, lij54, ldr18, ldr27, l27, lij30, lsb1, lcb2, l30, LSPGE. Should be used on top of a rack with the gas burner located below. Enough briquettes for most grills.
BrandHongso #ad
ManufacturerHongso #ad
Part NumberCRCB48